Every fort is Fort Awesome

Like most people, we grew up building forts. Out of pillows and blankets, couch cushions and boxes, on the beach and in trees. Every Fort was Fort Awesome!

Now on Steam in early access! We love that people can get involved as this game evolves, so feel free to share your ideas, dreams, and of course bugs you find, with us on the steam community forums and workshop, and you can follow development along at Trello!

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Local Co-OP

Use your keyboard and mouse, or controller to play as "Ebot", together you can build and destroy your forts! Enable the beta channel to test the android app that lets you join in from anywhere with a code!

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Early Access!

We have a lot of fun things planned for Fort Awesome, but we want to share the game with you while we work on it! This lets us start letting people enjoy the game now, and you can give us feedback or things you would like to see in the game. We love thise type of engaging and interactive development and hope you will too!

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